Founded in 1968 in response to the growing number of fund-raising events, the Fernie Hunt Supporters Association has been dedicated to supplying entertainment to members and extra funds to the hunt for the last 30 years. In the 1970s the FHSA began the annual Hunter Trials and the Summer Horse Show and in 1977, the first Team Chase was held.

Royal-Hunt-35-300x218By 1986 the FHSA was contributing around £9,000 per year to hunt funds; 20 years later this annual sum has more than doubled. Membership numbers currently stand in excess of 300. Most live in the county, but some live much further away – we even have members in Germany and USA.

The Fernie Hunt Supporters run a programme of events throughout the year, involving as wide a range as possible of hunt supporters. Some of the events are purely social and are not intended to raise funds, others are mainly fund-raisers, and some are “in-betweens”. The overall objective is to bring together people with a shared love of hunting, and to raise funds for the Fernie Hunt.

We also support good causes, and in recent years donations have been made to local schools, the Air Ambulance and the Hunt Servants’ Benevolent Society.

There are currently more than 300 members of the Supporters Association, of whom between 100 and 200 regularly attend the most popular events, such as the Annual Dinner and/or Cabaret in February and the Cheese and Wine partyFoxhound in the autumn.

Smaller events include Darts evenings in local pubs and visits to places of interest, often arranged on the initiative of individual members. The Supporters newsletter “ The Fernie View” is sent to members twice a year, and information on forthcoming events is also sent out from time to time including a list of the meets of the Fernie Hunt. In order to keep administration costs down, postings are kept to the minimum consistent with keeping members informed and it is hoped that the new web-site may progressively become the main means of communication.

The Supporters Association is run by a Committee, all of whom are open to election at the October Annual AGM .

1970's Fernie Hunt Cross Country Poster