Fernie Hunt Tumblers Club – We are falling for you!

The Tumblers Club was started a few years ago by Neville Hall as a bit of fun and to raise some extra cash for the FHSA and the Air Ambulance.  The way it works is that if a subscriber has a tumble whilst out hunting they are asked to contribute £10 to the fund.  Alternatively there is the option to pay an insurance at the beginning of the season of £40 which will cover them for any falls they may have.  At the Gateshutters supper, prizes are awarded to the person having the most tumbles, and for the most impressive fall.

Here are a selection of photographs (courtesy of Rose Rodgers) of various Tumblers in action.  Please have a word with the Chairman if you would like the photo taking off the page. Or, if it’s a particularly pleasing photo you can donate £20 to the Air Ambulance and have it added to the photos at the top of the Welcome Page for the rest of the season!!