Fernie Hunt Merchandise…
is available from Rose Rodgers, Merton Cottage, Main Street, Tur Langton, Leicestershire, LE8 0PJ 07977543790

Rose has chosen two gorgeous hound photos for this year’s Christmas cards – available from Rose, or Welland Valley Feeds:



The FHSA 2019 Calendars are now available from Rose Rodgers or Welland Valley Feeds:

FHSA Xmas flyer 18

Bobble Hats £15

Sweatshirts £20


Fernie Covert Tea Towels £8

Reversible Jackets £35 and fitted Weatherproof Jackets £40.

Rugby Shirts £22, Tank Top £25, Baseball Caps £8, Ties £10.

Gilet £22, Zip Sweatshirt £25

Mugs £5


Hunting Postcards £1
Fernie Badges £5
Books £10
Fernie Maps £10
Framed Fernie Map £50
Neil Cawthorne Prints £40
Framed Cawthorne Prints £85


Rose Rodgers Photography

Rose Rodgers is our very own photographer, taking excellent action shots each week.  Visit her new site to purchase your own hunting photographs. Rose-Rogers-Photography-300x199