Liz Powell

Many of you will know that Liz Powell died in hospital a week ago at the age of 89 – she had been ill for some time.  Liz lived almost all of her working life in the Midlands and was closely connected with horses throughout.  She was originally trained by her relation Dudley Frost, who was a well known horse coper and horse master in the Rugby area, and she delighted in learning his expertise and being able to emulate him.  She herself was involved in finding and supplying horses for the Army during the War, and in her younger days rode well and fearlessly both across country and between the flags.  For the last 50 years she had been based almost entirely in either Lubenham or Great Bowden.  In the 1960s she ran a livery yard at Lubenham Lodge for Reggie Paget and others.            More..

Bob Edgson 1939 – 2015

Bob-EdgsonIt is with great sadness that we write with the news that Bob Edgson died peacefully in hospital earlier today, following a short illness.

Bob first subscribed to the Fernie in the 1973/74 Season, and has made an immense contribution to the Hunt in so many different guises ever since. His passion was hunting, both in terms of the countryside, its social fabric and our rural way of life; but he also delighted in watching hounds and the sheer marvel of a day’s sport. He always crossed the country in a quiet but highly effective manner, never flashy – but always there.

In his early days, Bob helped out with many Fernie Pony Club activities and events, and was often to be found working hard behind the scenes without fuss or reward, and always helping the children of the day learn about riding, horsemanship, hunting and the countryside in an enjoyable, but caring and friendly environment.


Roger Parker 1941 – 2014

RogerParker150Many of you will by now have heard that very sadly Roger Parker died peacefully in hospital last night at the age of 73. 

He had suffered increasing bouts of ill health over the past 12 months or longer, but it was only last week when hounds met at his home at Allexton, at his insistence from hospital, which well-illustrated the huge depth of his generous nature to all those with whom he came into contact, and especially his love and care for anything connected with the Fernie Hunt.  There were times when he even appeared to be more interested in contributing to the promotion and administration of the varying events and organisations to which our sport gives rise, and possibly even more so than actually competing or participating in the hunting activity himself.  Very few people have contributed quite so much in so many different guises as Roger has done for the Fernie Hunt over the last 30 odd years – in short he was that rare bird who always put far more back in to his sport than ever he took out. We are all immensely lucky to have had him amongst our midst.


Brian Maeers 1935 – 2013

Sadly Brian Maeers died peacefully last night after a long illness, surrounded by his family. It had given him great pleasure to welcome hounds to his house at Peatling for his and Heidi’s traditional annual meet only just over 2 weeks ago. Our heartfelt sympathies go to Heidi and to their children Jules (Walker), Janie (Shepperd) and Justin, and to all the grandchildren

Brian had been a great supporter of the Fernie Hunt and the Hunt Supporters’ Association for around 40 years, and had always done a great deal to further the interests of hunting and especially of the Fernie Hunt; his was always a welcome and familiar sight at meets and FHSA events, often in his Morris Minor open topped tourer, ‘Prudence’. On more than one occasion, ‘Prudence’ could be seen taking her own line through the Saddington Vale with a pretty companion usually, but not exclusively, Heidi in the front and Rosie, his favourite lurcher, and a picnic basket in the back. We will miss his cheerful presence enormously.

He was a very popular companion and friend to so many of us for so long and will be very sorely missed.