£10,000 raised for Air Ambulance

A donation of more than £10,000 was made to the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance by representatives of the Fernie Hunt and its Hunt Supporters Association at the meet at Holt Farm, Shangton on Saturday 9th February. The cheque presentation to Richard Clutterbuck, Regional Fundraiser for the Air Ambulance, was made by Charlotte Hignett, Chairman of the Hunt Supporters Association, and Stacey Buxton with other representatives of the Hunt looking on including (mounted from Left to Right) Natalie Painter (Hon Secretary), Lucy Graham (Joint Master), Josh Worthington-Hayes (Whipper-in), William Hanson (Huntsman) and Philip Cowen (Joint Master) all being in attendance.

The funds had been raised at three recent hunt-organised events, including the bucket collection at the Boxing Day meet, a raffle at the annual Hunter Trials and donations from a combined day’s hunting and shooting held in November 2018. Richard Clutterbuck commented that “Our Air Ambulance service is entirely funded by voluntary donation, and hence we are immensely grateful to the Fernie Hunt and all its supporters for their generosity in supporting the various recent initiatives which have led to such a remarkable sum being passed over to us today. The support which we receive from local farming and equestrian communities is very gratefully appreciated, and we know how much the service is valued by the rural community at large throughout Leicestershire and Rutland”.

Philip Cowen, for the Hunt, added “We are delighted to be able to support a cause which has been a genuine life-saver for many people in both our own community and the equestrian and farming fields at large, and we are particularly delighted to be able to do so in the light of the helicopter’s attendance on occasions in the past at Fernie-organised events. We are very grateful to everyone who has helped us reach this milestone target through the combination of two recent events and a bucket collection at the traditional Boxing Day meet. We look forward to being able to support the Air Ambulance for many years to come, and hope that today’s contribution will make just a small difference in the short term.”